An Enchanting Camel Safari At Osian

An oasis in the 'Thar' desert

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The "Thar" spreads across three prime cities of Rajasthan - Bikaner, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur (Osian). Amidst the endless stretches of sand dunes there is a lot of life including animal and bird species. The experiences includes a campfire, folk music session as well as a camel safari. You will also get to visit Osian, a small ancient temple within the desert. The tour starts at 2 pm with a 65 kilometer jeep drive to Osian. After this, you will be visiting a few villages in the area. The day ends with a magical sunset and dinner in Jodhpur at 8 pm. Free Cancellation Meeting Time: 2 pm Inclusions: Transportation (To-fro from Jodhpur City-Osian), Dinner, Water Bottle

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