We’re all overwhelmed with the alarming spike in daily COVID-19 numbers and the burden it has put on our healthcare system as well as information-providing avenues to not only test and offer appropriate and adequate treatment to those who are infected with COVID-19 but also to give out helpful, factually correct, and urgently needed information to them and their loved ones to get in touch with service providers, be it for beds in hospitals, oxygen cylinders, plasma, or home visits.

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To do our bit, we have curated a list of useful resources around the new Rajasthan government guidelines on day-to-day life and medical help for you:

Udaipur Resources

Udaipur Against Corona
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Real time bed availability


If you wish to contribute you can extend help to an initiative of your choice in this response tracker

COVID Rural Response Tracker
The tracker will help you identify and support initiatives, individuals and organisations addressing COVID related issues in Rural India.

Access to resources from all over

Covid Resources
Helps you find verified resources related to all COVID needs

Emergency tracker

Covid19 Emergency Tracker
Covid-19 India Emergency Needs Tracker
Emergency numbers and website of various Bloodbanks across India , useful in Emergency . Share and save life
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Tiffin services/food procurement for COVID-19 patients in Jaipur:

1. Manjushree Foods, Contact: 9808928438, 9803020493, 9841803176

2. The Healthy Meal Box

3. Food for marginalised folks by The Palanhara Foundation

4. Groceries at your doorstep, Contact: 9079002340, 9001774666

COVID-19 meals across India:

(Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Chandigarh, Assam, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha) -

Covid Meals for India
Maharashtra/Goa * For updates and changes to this list you can whatsapp 9167659781CityMumbaiArea,Name,Number,Hours of Delivery,Service,Email/Instagram/Links,Delivery Options,Verified info (Yes/No),Covid DietAndheri - Santacruz,Leela Shirgaonkar,9699454895,Lunch - Dinner ,Homechef - Caterer,...


Remedisvir in Udaipur and Jaipur:

Remdesivir distribution list

Remdesivir Distribution list - Google Drive
statewise remdesivir distributors - Google Drive

Contact - Deepak Khurrana: 9844010592

Plasma resources

Dhoondh - Find and donate Plasma to fight Covid
This site connects current COVID patients with recovered COVID patients who wish to donate plasma
Donate Plasma| Be a Hero and donate your plasma
Get Plasma helps the covid patients to connect to the plama donors!
COVID 19 Plasma Donor details
Form responses 1 Timestamp,First Name Only,Social Platform to contact you at,Social Media Handle,Phone number (Will be shared publicly),Blood Group,Donor’s City,Donor’s State,Self declaration 19/04/2021 23:59:18,Vikas ,Twitter,@VikasMeshram20,+919424470043,A+,Bhilai,Chhattisgarh,I understand th...


Copal plasma therapy portal:

Donor’s Page: https://t.co/VFgXOzDjAi

Doctor’s Page: https://t.co/Y547GimvrV

Volunteer Form: https://t.co/8uFxwo1xyJ

Pan India Covid Resources:

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City wise Covid necessities in India
Varanasi Necessities,Authorities,Contact NumberOxygen,Ganesh Oxygen,9838770372Oxygen ,Ramnagar Industrials,7992249149Oxygen,Sanrai Med Ind,7600027303Oxygen,Jyoti Industrials,7355775344Oxygen,Vijay Brothers,9935530688Oxygen,Kesharwani Electrodes,9919893022Oxygen,Ramnagar Industrials,700790...
Covid Resources
Note- All the sources/links/contacts are taken from verifiable sources from our end and have also been mentioned. In case if the resources get exhausted of a particular lead, we will try and update it at the earliest. Any case of any unforeseen human error is regretted in advance. Share and amp...
Looking for Covid-19 bed, oxygen cylinder or Remdesivir injections in Delhi? Details here
Delhi has been witnessing an unprecedented spike in the COVID cases in the last few weeks, there is a growing demand for where to find ventilator-supported beds, oxygen cylinders, plasma donors, and drugs like Remdesivir and Tocilizumab, among others.
COVID 19 Resource List
HOME .,In this file,Other sourcesCountrywide Resources,<a href=”#gid=908821444″>View</a>,<a href=“https://covid.psychotechservices.com/p/list-of-resources.html”>Covid Resource Center</a>, <a href=“https://covid.psychotechservices.com/2021/04/resource-list-2-resources-against-covid.html…

Nationwide distributor list for Tocilizumab:

Stay safe and take care!

Note: Our team will update this list regularly.