How to prepare for a Job Interview | Best Tips, FAQs and more

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Need help to prepare for an upcoming job interview? You have come to the right place because we have listed down some constructive online resources to help you ace it. Read along.


Job interviews can be pretty apprehensive and more so when you are not adequately prepared for it. While many blogs and books lay emphasis on confidence, the secret ingredient is to do with patience.

Practicing for an interview will certainly provide assistance and give you an overview of the kind of questions that may come your way. So, here are a few online resources we have chronicled to aid you in the process of preparation.

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Mock it up with InterviewBuddy

InterviewBuddy provides you with a platform for a virtual face-to-face mock interview with industry experts. While you may be well-prepared about what you are going to say in the interview, there are chances where nervousness might take over. This is where InterviewBuddy can help. The platform offers a list of resources along with many tips until a mock interview is set. Post this, it gives you an opportunity to review your strengths, weaknesses and evaluate your performance. Check them out here.

Brainstorm with Puzzlefry

Puzzlefry provides cognitive assistance to make your mind sharp. It dishes out several questions, brain teasers and problem statements to enable you to handle difficult situations and sharpen your thinking for the aptitude test. Besides this, Puzzlefry comes with mathematical, logical and even funny riddles. You can hone your skills here.

Practice with Pramp

Firm believers that practice makes perfect, the folks at Pramp offer a platform for you to practice your live interview with peers. The process is fairly transparent and simple. You can choose from various domains, pick a time and date, get paired with a peer, check the interview questions and get going. You can reverse your roles as an interviewer and interviewee as part of this. The takeaways and feedback from this will pave the way for your dream job. So, start practicing here.

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Get linked on LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium has everything - right from probable questions, skills assessments to real-time feedback from mentors. You can also garner company insights and compare your candidature with others applying for the same job. What’s more is you will also get access to LinkedIn learning to expand your know-how. Go premium, here.

Some things you can keep in mind

  1. Always read the job description and eligibility criteria carefully.

  2. Learn about the company you are applying to, go through the literature that is available on the company website.

  3. Practice for the interview and get an idea about the questions you might get asked.

  4. Present yourself as a confident individual, listen patiently to the questions and speak coherently.

  5. Ensure your answers are crisp and avoid overtalking.

  6. Always ask about how a typical day in the role would be like

  7. Keep the salary negotiations for the next round or towards the end of the interview if the need arises.

  8. Always be courteous before, during and after the interview and thank the interviewer for their time.

  9. Be yourself and do not up-sell unnecessarily.

  10. Keep your chin up, shoulders broad and smile often.


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