Best Hiking & Trekking Places in Rajasthan

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Adventure on your mind? We have rounded up some of the best hiking trails in Rajasthan that the adrenaline junkie in you will approve of and surely love. To know which are the best ones, have a read!


India’s largest state in terms of area - Rajasthan, holds in its heart so many gems that are waiting to be explored. It has the sun, the sand, the desert, the mountains, the lakes, the forts, the heritage and so much more. Not only regular travellers’ but Rajasthan is also a much-favoured and loved destination by hikers and trekkers. There are so many trails waiting to be trodden upon in Rajasthan, and we are telling you the best hiking routes you can explore.

1. Jawai

A tiny village in Sumerpur tehsil of Pali district, Rajasthan, Jawai gets its name from the River Jawai and the dam (Jawai Bandh) located here. Located on an embankment, offering panoramic views of the river, Jawai boasts of its rugged terrain, surrounding hills and rich biodiversity. There are many nature resorts and homestays in the area that entice the modern traveller. And one of the most loved activities tourists engage in here is hiking! There are many natural trails up the granite hills of Jawai. These hills were formed millions of years ago by lava. Not too steep, these are perfect for hiking. Home to many exotic animals and birds, a hike here is scenic and makes you one with nature. So hike into the wilderness and if you wanna seek blessings of Ashapura Mata Ji, then you can hike up to the Dev Giri Temple. There are many guided hikes available for you to show you around. Normal hike uphill takes about 3 hours.

Hiking on the picturesque Jawai Dam (Image credit: Thor Nature Resorts)

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2. Kumbhalgarh

In the Rajsamand district near Udaipur lies Kumbhalgarh, Kumbhal Fort, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary surrounds the fort area and covers four hills and mountain ranges in Aravalli. Spread across acres, this sanctuary is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.

The Kumbhalgarh fort is a World Heritage site (Image credit: Wikimedia)

There are many nature trails, hikes, and safaris that happen here. You can hire a guide or book a guided trek or hike online or via the resort you are staying at. The hike takes about four to five hours. And there are various routes, uphill, downhill, through the sanctuary, down the fort, along the fort, and more. Along the hike through the sanctuary, you will spot Mother Nature at its best. Right from colourful birds to lovely animals to the various chirpings and stream sounds, one can experience nature in abundance here. It is an extremely rejuvenating hike, and nature lovers swear by it. The best time for this hike is between September to January.

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3. Mount Abu

A true gem, Mount Abu is Rajasthan’s only hill station. An extremely popular getaway spot, Mt Abu is also a favourite among hikers and trekkers. Resplendent with rich flora and fauna, trails, this hill station on the south western end of Aravalli range is surrounded by the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. And you very well know, wherever there is a sanctuary, there’s a possibility of hiking or trekking for sure. The lush green forests are home to many species of birds and animals. And along the hike, nature's own melodious music will soothe your ears and the sights of breathtaking wildlife will mesmerise you.

There are many tour operators and guides that will take you on trails. So go, tap into the wild side of Rajasthan and enjoy a leisurely-yet-informative hike. The best time for hiking here is in the winter months of November to February.

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4 - Pushkar

An ancient city with plenitude of folklore and tales around it, Pushkar in Ajmer district of Rajasthan is an extremely versatile city and a town known for its fairs and festivities. Situated on the shores of Pushkar Lake, not only rich in religious importance but Pushkar is also a strategic locale. It is quite close to the geological formations and the Aravalli range is nearby. The trails through the hills of Savatri, Gayatri and Naag offer striking views of the vistas that will get imprinted in your minds. The hikes are leisurely and long and you can spend hours winding through and soaking in the best of the views.

Camel safaris are one of the most engaging activities in Pushkar (Image credit: Pushkar Camel Safari)

There are some hikes that take you through these hills to a hill-top restaurant that offers tantalising food. Isn’t that what you need after a lovely hike? Plus, the sunsets from the top are one for the books. You will surely enjoy hiking around Pushkar.

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These are just a handful of the hikes that we have mentioned and in our humble opinion are the best. There are inexhaustible trails all over the state waiting to be explored. So make way, hike away and explore the best of Rajasthan, on foot!

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Edited by Roshni Shroff.


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