Five Rajasthan-based hand block printing e-stores

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Fascinated by the Rajasthani hand block prints? Well, you can own an authentic handcrafted piece made by local artisans by ordering from these online stores. Read on.


Hand block prints are a treat to the eyes and have a very unique aesthetic appeal. And, the art of making them has been kept alive by the people of Rajasthan. Widely practised by the Chipa community in the remote village of Bagru in Rajasthan, the art of hand block printing personifies Rajasthani craftsmanship, its intricacies and gorgeous designs.

While artists from Bagru are the pioneers, the Sanganers situated near Jaipur are also known for their hand block printing techniques.

Well, in case you want to lay your hands on beautiful block printed pieces, clothes, bedsheets from Rajasthan, you don’t have to travel all the way. You can get them delivered right at your doorstep through online stores. So, check out these options.

1. Zcasa Store

This Instagram-store stocks up on handcrafted bedsheets, blankets and more with block prints. Though Zcasa is run by Mumbai-based Shilpa Chawla and Anish Nemlekar, everything sold here is handcrafted in Jaipur by local artisans. The store uses pure cotton fabrics and natural dyes on their products. They are presently selling and taking orders on Instagram and WhatsApp.

Handcrafted bedsheets and pillow covers from Zcasa Store (Image credit: Zcasa store instagram)

To know more about them, check out the store on Instagram You can also connect with them on +919321610730 or

2. Block Print Company

Block Print Company is a small business based out of Jaipur which supports local artisans. Not only are its products affordable and handmade, but also eco-friendly. They are known for their beautiful dresses, kaftans, jackets and more. Interestingly, the company makes clothes for various brands, so you can buy them directly at their stores in Delhi or Kolkata or order online.

The block printing process underway (Image credit: Block Print Company)

Check them out on Instagram here blockprintcompany or their website here

3. Advit Prints Jaipur

Advit Prints Jaipur has one of the most aesthetic feeds on Instagram. The prints simply pop out of the screens and make indelible impressions in people’s minds. Advit Prints Jaipur sells fabrics, bedsheets, suits, kurtis, quilts, Sanganeri prints, and more. These are usually available in fetching colours and anything you pick up from here is an heirloom that you can pass onto your kids. Besides an active Instagram presence, the company has a website where you can view the entire catalogue.

Bedsheet collection at Advit Prints (Image credit: Advit Prints)

You can check their website here or connect with them on +918005906639.

4. Blockprints

Located in Jaipur, Blockprints not only sells in bulk, but also has a store and ships worldwide. They have the most colourful suits, bedsheets, potli bags, shirts, beachwear, kaftans, sarongs, placemats, kimonos, pyjama sets, quilts, table napkins and jackets.

You can check them out on Instagram at blockprint_textiles_jaipur_

5. PrintPoetry

Dear men, if you like quirky block printed shirts, jackets and kurtas, then PrintPoetry is for you. The Jaipur-based store's modern-yet-rooted-in-tradition approach is novel. Most of its latest collection can be viewed on Facebook and Instagram. So, if you wish to wear these striking prints on your sleeves (quite literally), you can consider buying from them. It is certainly poetry on fabric.

You can know more about them on Instagram at print_poetry or connect with them at +9198294 24646

The above listed stores are not the only ones that sell block printed items. There are many more small businesses which are attempting to boost the art form and provide livelihoods for the artisans.


Edited by Roshni Shroff.


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