Citizen Journalism or Citizen contributed content is at the core of our model. One of the problems with media is the gap between reader and publisher - one way communication. We intend to solve that by involving citizens in the content creation process and featuring stories and articles sent in by our contributors. Everyone has their unique interest areas, talents and voices that we intend on amplifying. Whatever is to be said should be said freely.

You can also share videos and short clips that you come across that you think should be featured and people should know about. Information is most useful when shared. We all have powerful devices in the form on mobile phones in our pockets that we can make use of. You will get complete credit of the content you create.

Once you send in your submission, our editors can work with you to refine the article and produce something that is worthwhile. The Cityscope team is there to help you get over your writing blocks and provide a medium to share your perspectives and knowledge. As you keep writing you can create an important place in the local community.

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You can write about

~Topics you are passionate about and have expertise in that others can learn from

~Things that bother you about the city you live in and governance

~Articles around socio-economic themes and your perspectives on the times we live in

~Interesting little known local stories and useful pieces of information

~Anything else you think might interest readers in Rajasthan

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We have various content formats on our platform and your contribution can be beyond articles. We will also be creating things like Comic strips, Quizzes, contests, trivia and so on. So keep reaching out if you have any content ideas.

Credits - Youth Ki Awaaz

So get your writing chops on, send us your details through this form and we can talk about how you can contribute. Let's build something useful together.