What is Cityscope?

A local news and information platform committed to deliver engaging and fact-based content in an effort to promote open dialogue among citizens and bring them together.


We dream of a more thoughtful India, where citizens can actively engage in, and contribute to everyday issues. We aim to root out misinformation by contextualising and breaking down relevant content. We strive to empower citizens and small businesses across the country through awareness, education and participation

Metropolitan daily newspapers and media outlets have abandoned the suburbs, in effect leaving them voiceless. Here ordinary citizens decide as to what matters to them the most. We believe that no one can tell their story or represent their communities better than them.

We are here to fill in the gaps through a community collective or town hall that showcases local culture, empowers communities with credible information, and engages them in a constructive, positive dialogue

We intend to reimagine the Newspaper experience



To bring communities together by:
throwing light on local issues,
spreading awareness about things that matter,
helping them to share their experiences
enabling commerce and a healthy flow of ideas, knowledge among citizens

Cityscope will work towards

Fighting disinformation and promoting fact-checking by indulging in investigative reportage and presenting balanced perspectives.

Explaining news and information in a responsible way, highlighting how developments affect different sections of the community.

Innovating and coming up with ways to empower creators and end-users; creating new models for publishing, and democratizing information without compromising on quality.

Raising the bar for media discourse by eliminating sensationalism. We fight polarization, clickbait, and biases. Enough of the hate, we believe in the power of community discussions.

Coming up with content that provides the best learning outcomes for the decreasing attention spans of people by maximising visual appeal, as well as the use of infographics so that the information sticks.

The Challenge

Hyperlocal content is considered really mundane. But, it is not the case with community members who deal with civic or social issues on a day-to-day basis.

And, this kind of information is hardly available anywhere else. To us that's not mundane — it's a competitive advantage.


The Opportunity

Hyperlocal life is more than just the exchange; it’s ‘I want to know what’s going on and perhaps I can participate in it’. And so we are collaborating with content creators, local bloggers, researchers, and helping them incubate their ideas, educate and introduce all Indians to the shared experience of “no-blame problem-solving” of public issues.

We live in a time of serious and mounting national and global challenges, and sometimes it feels like as if we’re drowning in bad news. The fact that mainstream media is broken is common knowledge. All we get in the name of news is sensational content, TRP grabbing news sequences or political propaganda aimed at serving the needs of the powerful. And, young people are growing up in a culture of silence, encouraged by the status quo.

We are in a moment in time where people have the desire to be better citizens, but do not have the appropriate means for it. It's not about technology, it's not about journalism, it's not about futuristic AI driven features. It's about bringing community members together to share what they know about what's going on around town. Citizen journalism is powerful. And, that is what we intend on doing.

We are launching a mobile application very soon to enable this on a deeper level. Starting with Rajasthan and growing to more states. We really want to retain the character and cultural identity of each region and present unique citizen stories. Stay tuned!