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We Are Cityscope.

A local news and information platform committed to deliver engaging and fact-based content in an effort to promote open dialogue among citizens and bring them together.

Our Mission and Vision

  • We dream of a more thoughtful India, where citizens can actively engage in, and contribute to everyday issues.

  • We are in a moment in time where people have the desire to be better citizens, but do not have the appropriate means for it. Our goal is to provide the means.

  • We strive to empower citizens and small businesses across the country through awareness, education and participation. 

  • We attempt to fill in the gaps by means of a community collective that showcases local culture, empowers people with credible information, and engages them in a constructive, positive dialogue.

  • We aim to root out misinformation by contextualising and breaking down content.

  • We intend to innovate and come up with ways to empower creators and end-users.

  • We look to raise the bar for media discourse by eliminating sensationalism.

  • We prioritise fighting against polarisation, clickbait, and biases. Enough of the hate, we believe in the power of community discussions.

Our Content

We Bring Out 

Original and untold stories

Analyse and explain current trends and happenings

Constructive and actionable pieces

Quality regional and national reportage

Human interest and inspirational journeys

Curated classifieds and recommendations based on what a region has to offer

Why Cityscope.

Content that can empower local businesses and change makers

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